Generous Journey
Generous Journey
Nurturing a generous lifestyle

Generous Journey is a group of Christians committed to encouraging each other towards deeper and more meaningful generosity. We believe and have experienced that there is great joy in giving because of God’s abundant generosity to us.


Our events are highly confidential and no fundraising is allowed, enabling participants to have the freedom to share about the challenges and successes they have experienced. We desire to be a community of givers that supports one another for the benefit of our own journeys in generosity and the building of God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


"For us it is a helpful ‘pause for thought’ away from all other distractions, a time together to reflect on the blessings received. A chance to share conversations with others in a relaxed atmosphere, backed up with some excellent bible teaching, to enable more focused thinking on generous giving."

– Anthony Bennett


2020 Generous Journey Retreat

The 2-day retreat will be in a relaxed environment with like-minded people to explore Biblical teaching on giving and stewardship, hear stories of how others are being transformed by giving and find fresh peer encouragement and support. You will be inspired by guest speakers openly and honestly discussing the challenges, opportunities and joys of stewarding our resources.




"Generous Journey has been for me like an oasis in the desert. In my home church we don’t talk about money because it’s embarrassing. Here I can discuss the questions that matter and be inspired by those further along in their journey of generosity. It’s a highlight of my year."

– Richard Garnett

"Generous Journey is such an incredible resource; so energising, encouraging and refreshing. Spending time with a group of like-minded Christians, all of whom are trying to maximise the positive impact of their giving and minimise any downsides. The teaching is thought provoking, the formal and informal times of sharing are enlightening, and understanding how others have approached their call to generosity is exciting."

– Anon

"We in our British culture avoid the subject of money at all costs it seems, and the Christian church is no different, with a few poor exceptions.  Generous Journey is unique it seems, in really confronting head on the issues of wealth creation, generosity, issues of the heart, idolatry and greed, in a way that leaves you feeling challenged, inspired and invigorated to serve Christ and the church, as opposed to simply leaving you with a veil of guilt hanging over you."
– Yolanda Ibbett

"We have found attending Generous Journey really worthwhile because of the excellent Bible teaching on generosity and the opportunity to talk openly with likeminded brothers and sisters. It provides a relaxed and safe opportunity to ask difficult questions and compare experiences. We recommend it to anyone interested in thinking through the word of the Lord 'unto those who much is given, much will be required.'"

– Jeremy Marshall


"Attending a Generous Journey Retreat has become an important part of my year, a set time when I can think through, pray about, and discuss with others what I am called to do with the many things I have been blessed with."

– Paul Jackson Esq., OBE


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