From the chair, David Gardner

In 2002 I experienced a life changing moment at a Generous Giving conference in the U.S. I had recently become wealthy when the company where I was employed went public, and I did not know what to do with wealth and my faith as a Christian. Meeting with other believers, being able to speak openly about those challenges, learning more about the Bible’s teaching on stewardship and feeling encouraged rather than judged has helped shape the course of my life. I yearned to have the same experiences closer to home in the UK to continue the lifelong journey of pursuing my relationship with Jesus, and submitting my wealth to His authority.

Others have shared in that passion to help form Generous Journey. We are a community of Christians from different church backgrounds but with a shared vision to see generosity encouraged amongst us and in our communities. We gather to learn best practices, be encouraged by one another and give thanks for the incredible generosity of God. We create a space where we are not asked for money, but rather have the freedom to share the joy that comes from being more blessed to give than to receive.

We primarily gather together annually for 24 hours to receive excellent Bible teaching, discuss what God is doing in our lives and hear from recognised Christians who have wisdom to share.  Our events are private and we respect one another by not allowing fund raising and keeping each other’s stories confidential.

I hope you will join us to see where God might take you on your journey of generosity.

Executive Committee Bios

David Gardner

David became a Christian in 1973 and moved to the UK 30 years ago. He was the 11th employee at Electronic Arts Inc. and helped to grow it to over 8000 employees globally during his 25-year tenure. In 2008 David became CEO of Atari S.A. David is a trustee of Alpha International, an active private pilot and in 2007, was awarded an OBE. Today David is founding partner of London Venture Partners and is also Vice President for Games at BAFTA.

He is married to Eli and they have 3 children.  Eli is a Clinical Psychologist and has founded a charity focusing on parenting for inner city called Kid's Matter.


Stewart McCulloch

Stewart joined Stewardship in August 2018.

Stewart is a Chartered Accountant who spent the early part of his career in management consulting, before leading a number of insurance businesses through significant change (including the provider of outsourced claims and accounting services to the participants in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market).

Prior to joining Stewardship, Stewart was Global Insurance Director for VisionFund, the micro finance operation of World Vision, where his focus was on creating innovative solutions to help ensure the lives of over one million vulnerable families are more resilient to sickness, bereavement, crop failure and climate shocks. This work culminated in the launch of the world’s largest non-governmental climate insurance scheme in January 2018.


Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy is married to Jeanette and they have three children. They live in Sevenoaks where they were involved in planting and leading a church for many years. Since 2015 Jeremy has been treated for cancer and as such is not working. Previously he was CEO of C.Hoare and Co, the UKs oldest private bank and was a NED of Waterlogic PLC. Before that he worked for Credit Suisse. 

Jeremy is Chair of Christianity Explored, Christian Books Worldwide and Pastor Training International, and trustee of the Woodland Trust and London Seminary.